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Learning Management System for Work Management Solutions Pty Ltd


Work Management Solutions (WMS) is an Asset Management Consultancy specialising in asset management resources and improvement projects for asset intensive businesses. WMS sought the review and analysis of their current training management and the methods in which they execute their internal training and development with a focus on automation, engagement and fit for purpose training. 


AMLA undertook a current state analysis and developed business appropriate Training Needs Analysis and supporting Matrix and implemented a branded LMS. The complete solution factored onboarding and induction processes and role specific training in alignment with State regulator legislative  requirements for training and instruction. 
Solution included Training Needs Analysis, Training Matrix, Contexualised E-Learning Courses, Andragogical methodology, LMS, WMS Learning Portal, Branded Certificates and Digital Badges (Verifiable).

We were very impressed with the quality and suitability of AMLAs training solution for our business. 

Mark Warrener

- Work Management Solutions

Samples of work

Learning Portal

Branded & Private Learning Portal with LMS function. 

Contexualised E-Learning Courses

Training was designed and developed in accordance with the analysed needs of the organisation, which included topics on, Onboarding, Induction, Emergency Control Organisation (ECO), Personal Branding, Harrassment and Discrimination, Writing white papers, Microsoft Courses, Manual Handling, Journey Management, Remote Work, and more.

Digital Badges (Verifiable)

Accessible on completion of courses. Learners can share on social channels and load directly into their LinkedIn profile, which when viewed, is verified by our system as a true achievement. 

Digital Branded Certificate

WMS Branded Certificate, automatically digitally awarded on achievement of each course/programs requirements. 

Development Program for Newmont Corporation

Asset Management Learning Academy


The client was seeking a development program focused on the professional development of their international AM workforce inclusive of subject specific content and ISO 55000/1/2 information.


AMLA undertook a current state analysis and developed business appropriate Training Needs Analysis and supporting Training Plans. AMLA designed and developed a suite of courses covering ISO 55000/1/2 Standards and subject specific content, i.e. reliability, hydrocarbons and more. The complete solution factored communication and representation of brand and had a strong focus on adopting suitable andragogical methods throughout courses. 

Solution included Training Needs Analysis, Training Plans, Professional program guide and promotional guide, instructional videos, communication and rollout guideline, contexualised courses and supporting materials, andragogical methodology and branded certificates.

We asked what the client liked most about their interactions with us


The professional approach and understanding of our needs to produce a quality product.

Samples of work

Original Graphics

Original and professional content to fit the business context and brand.

Training Needs Analysis

Role specific needs analysis. 

Training Plans

Role specific training plans.

Branded Certificates

Communication and Rollout Plan

Train the Trainer Program

Virtual and face to face train the trainer program.

Promotional Package

A complete physical and virtual promotional package was constructed to support the implementation of the program. Inclusive of social images for internal distribution, promotional product designs, program logo and more. 

Course Guide

A  professional quality course guide was designed and developed to inform stakeholders and participants of the program, and includes messages from leadership, course outlines, information about the program and much more. 

'Asset Tactics Development Awareness' E-learning for Anglo American

Asset Management Learning Academy


The client was developing training for their AM leaders and general workforce relating to Asset Tactics. The client sought elearning which was innovative, interactive/engaging, contexualised and in alignment with the company brand.


AMLA designed and developed elearning with a focus on ensuring engagement and interaction through the use of gamification and professional design. We supported the implementation of the package into the clients LMS to ensure functionality for successful rollout. 

Solution included contexualised e--learning and suporting materials, andragogical methodology, gamification, videos and animations, professional voice artists, unique graphics, branded to the clients design system and implementation support.

Big thanks to Kelly and the Team, for understanding our needs and creating a great product in quick time!

Grant Mitchell

- Anglo American


Internationally implemented e-learning program, rolled out to the workforce. Positive feedback received from learners and stakeholders warranting the project a success.