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Say goodbye to bulky, wordy and boring learning programs. We're unlike the rest. We create learning content that is designed for your learners in an engaging and purposeful way.

Kelly - Asset Management Learning Academy (AMLA)

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We build complete Asset Management Programs to your brand, business and development needs. 

Built for your LMS

We can build programs to a variety of formats (xAPI, SCORM etc), completion and tracking requirements. 

AMLA Hosted

Don't have an LMS? All programs we develop can be hosted within AMLA in your own company branded Learning Portal, complete with private forums and more.

Our Learning Methodology

Client Contexualisation
We have developed complete Asset Management Programs for clients across the globe. Our courses can be contexualised to your business with various pricing packages available. Scroll down to view our packages.
We use the principles of Andragogy as the foundation for our Learning Methodology.
Technology enhanced learning
We use technology-enhanced learning approaches, including responsive technology, gamification, animations, interactive elements, multimedia and an overall clean user friendly system approach.
Development support
We understand that adults have a readiness to learn and are oriented to the developmental tasks of your role, and career. We facilitate development through the pathways available within AMLA and offer career coaching to support your journey. 
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You are involved
As a learner, we involve you in the planning and evaluation of your learning. We also explain the reasons specific things are being taught. 
It is an experience
We know that through your life you have  accumulated a growing reservoir of experience (including mistakes) that becomes a resource for your learning. Therefore experience is the basis for all our learning activities. We also take into account the wide range of different backgrounds of learners ensuring our courses allow for different levels/types of previous experience.
Self directed but supported
We know that adults are self-directed, so our courses allow you to discover for yourself without depending on people. However, we also acknowledge that we all need help or have questions. We offer the AMLA Community where you can ask questions and share your learning experiences. Here you can interact with Asset Management professionals and we also offer guidance and assistance through email or online chat. 
Problem centred
Our content is task-oriented instead of promoting memorisation (content-oriented) and we connect learning to immediacy of application.

Group Packages

Single Course

$330*AUD / per user
  • *Subscription starting from
  • 20 Learners
  • Course forum access (public)
  • Group Administrator Access
  • Private Learning Portal
  • 365 days access
  • Free courses included

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