Asset Management

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  • SAP Plant Maintenance Operators Bundle

    SAP Plant Maintenance Operators Bundle

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    We’ve put together exactly what an operator needs with this SAP Plant Maintenance bundle, including SAP Essentials, SAP Plant Maintenance Notifications and SAP Plant Maintenance Complete Work. Saving you nearly $200.

  • Asset Management Fundamentals

    Asset Management Fundamentals

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    What is Asset Management anyway? Well, it can be defined in several ways, but at its core is a business plan for the services that asset-intensive organisations provide to their business. It’s about utilising Asset Management methodologies to understand what assets a business has, how much it costs to run them, and at what standard, capacity, and how they will be maintained in a cost-effective manner across an assets life cycle. If you want to understand Asset Management holistically, why it matters to organisations and their stakeholders this course will provide you with a fundamental appreciation.

  • SAP Plant Maintenance Ultimate Bundle

    SAP Plant Maintenance Ultimate Bundle

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    We’ve put together the ultimate SAP Plant Maintenance bundle, with all our SAP PM courses, SAP Essentials, Microsoft Excel and Work Management Fundamentals courses in one neat package saving you nearly $500.

  • Work Management Fundamentals (SAP)

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    Understanding Best Practice Work Management will help you to effectively and efficiently manage the day to day activities of Asset Management. We will take you through the basics of the Work Management process and the activities associated with each of these process areas.

    This course focuses on the processes and practices of Work Management and does not cover any functionalities relating to ERP, EAMS, CMMS Systems.

  • Ellipse Essentials

    Ellipse Essentials

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    New to Ellipse? This is the best place to start. Build your skills in Ellipse through an introduction to navigation, customisation, personalisation, searching, exporting and using applications.