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  • Hydrocarbon Fundamentals Training

    Hydrocarbon Fundamentals

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    Hydrocarbons play a key role in the operation of plant and equipment. Hydrocarbon Fundamentals focuses on ensuring that the right hydrocarbons are applied in the right application, at the right time and at the appropriate cleanliness. This includes the procurement, handling, storage, use and disposal of hydrocarbons.

  • Reliability Fundamentals

    Reliability Fundamentals

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    We all know how important reliability is when it comes to Assets. Improved equipment reliability can minimize opportunity costs associated with downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and can ensure products are not produced outside of acceptable specifications. Therefore learning about key Reliability concepts, metrics and tools is vital to maximising opportunities and the success of a reliability program.

  • Asset Management Leadership Fundamentals

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    The single most important component of an Asset Management System is its Leadership. Leaders are expected to have a full understanding and clear vision of how assets will be optimised to reach their full potential across the organisation. Equally, it is important that this vision is clearly articulated and communicated whilst giving directions, ensuring organisational longevity and review during the lifecycle of assets. Leaders are tasked with making important and at times, difficult decisions that can impact people and organisational performance. As well as giving stakeholders confidence regarding the benefit and direction of assets. Through our course, you will discover the importance of a leader’s ability to understand its assets and the demands of the business (future and current) and how this is vital to the success of the organisations’ strategic objectives and the asset management system.

    This course is generic, however, the International Organisation for Standardisation series of standards ISO 55000/55001/55002 have been used as a benchmark.

  • Sale! SAP Plant Maintenance Complete Bundle

    SAP Plant Maintenance Complete Bundle

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    Want all our SAP courses in one place? This complete bundle gives you exactly that, start with SAP Essentials and work your way through notifications, work orders, scheduling and completing work, at your own pace, and at a time and place that works for you! Saving you nearly $300.

  • Sale! SAP Plant Maintenance Operators Bundle

    SAP Plant Maintenance Operators Bundle

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    We’ve put together exactly what an operator needs with this SAP Plant Maintenance bundle, including SAP Essentials, SAP Plant Maintenance Notifications and SAP Plant Maintenance Complete Work. Saving you nearly $200.

  • Asset Management Fundamentals

    Asset Management Fundamentals

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    What is Asset Management anyway? Well, it can be defined in several ways, but at its core is a business plan for the services that asset-intensive organisations provide to their business. It’s about utilising Asset Management methodologies to understand what assets a business has, how much it costs to run them, and at what standard, capacity, and how they will be maintained in a cost-effective manner across an assets life cycle. If you want to understand Asset Management holistically, why it matters to organisations and their stakeholders this course will provide you with a fundamental appreciation.