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  • Sale! SAP Essentials

    SAP Essentials

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    New to SAP? This is the best place to start. Build your skill in SAP ERP software through our introduction to technical objects, navigation, user customisation, transactions, fields and searching data, filtering, and sorting and managing columns.

  • Ellipse Essentials

    Ellipse Essentials

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    New to Ellipse? This is the best place to start. Build your skills in Ellipse through an introduction to navigation, customisation, personalisation, searching, exporting and using applications.

  • Sale! Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

    Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

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    In most work industries today, visual presentations are used as an essential engagement tool for communication. In this course, we show you how to use a variety of features to develop a Presentation. Including using text, images, shapes, slides, slide views, presenter notes & rehearsal, text and object animations, slide transitions, headers and footers, basic templates and more.

  • Sale! Microsoft Outlook Online

    Microsoft Outlook 2016

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    For most people, Outlook is used for sending and receiving email messages, managing your calendar, storing names and numbers and tracking your tasks. These essential functions are explored in this course, and we will also look at some hidden gems which will help you to be more productive in Outlook.

  • Sale! Microsoft Word 2016

    Microsoft Word 2016

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    Learn how to use the most popular word processing software on the market to create documents, such as brochures, letters, learning activities, quizzes, tests, and students’ homework assignments. We will take you through basic navigation, creating, opening, sharing, saving and up/downloading documents, entering, arranging and formatting text and documents, using headers and footers, breaks, templates, table of contents, tracked changes, tables, comments, and grammar and spelling.

  • Sale! Asset Management Courses

    Microsoft Excel 2016

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    Do you want to create budgets, produce graphs and charts and store and sort data more efficiently? Well, learning excel will help you to organise data in an easy-to-navigate way. We will take you through the basics and some intermediate tasks in Excel. Including creating and saving spreadsheets, entering and editing text, using formulas for calculations, using functions and cell references in formulas, formatting text numbers and cells, hiding rows and columns, moving, adding and deleting worksheets, using table formatting, using charts, formatting and printing charts and protecting worksheets.