Asset Management Leadership Fundamentals

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Course ID: PCS-AMAN-02 | The single most important component of an Asset Management System is its Leadership. Leaders are expected to have a full understanding and clear vision of how assets will be optimised to reach their full potential across the organisation. Equally, it is important that this vision is clearly articulated and communicated whilst giving directions, ensuring organisational longevity and review during the lifecycle of assets. Leaders are tasked with making important and at times, difficult decisions that can impact people and organisational performance. As well as giving stakeholders confidence regarding the benefit and direction of assets. Through our course, you will discover the importance of a leader’s ability to understand its assets and the demands of the business (future and current) and how this is vital to the success of the organisations’ strategic objectives and the asset management system.

This course is generic, however, the International Organisation for Standardisation series of standards ISO 55000/55001/55002 have been used as a benchmark.

Designed for: All leaders, executives and senior personnel who are seeking an awareness of Asset Management. If you are a leader working in Asset Management we highly recommend this course for you.

Pre-requisites: Nil

Duration: 1 day self-paced. Complete this in your own time and at your own pace with the assistance of course forums, online chat and email.

Course Structure: 

  • Introduction & Overview
  • Introduction to Asset Management
  • Advantages of Asset Management
  • Scope of Asset Management
  • Course Completion

Assessment: Yes (2 attempts only, included in course fee). See FAQs for more information.

$899.00 excl. GST

Terms and Conditions Apply

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