Asset Management Learning Academy

Welcome to AMLA

At the heart of our academy, people are the most important asset.

Master Asset Management

Our independant research indicates skills such as soft skills, hard skills, leadership and supervision are the biggest skill gaps in the Asset Management workforce today. 

Our holistic approach ensures foundational learning, not only inforporates asset management fundamentals but the essential skills for conveying and recieving information critical to workplace success. Our pillars of learning include Asset Management, ERP EAMS, CMMS Systems, Technical skills, Soft skills, Project Management and Leadership and Supervision. 

Built for you

We believe asset management exceeds physical assets, systems and process. At the heart of our academy, people are the most important asset. Our courses have been designed and developed with the learners’ needs in mind.

We use technology-enhanced learning tools, pedagogical and client contextualisation to deliver an experience like no other.

Flexible Solutions

Our courses are offered online, via public workshops (face to face virtual) and on site. Each delivery method has been uniquely designed to ensure a valuable learning experience. 

Private Coaching and Mentoring

Our Asset Management coach/mentors will help you to maximise your personal and professional potential. Establishing your learning direction by putting a learning plan and learning pathway in place, so you know what is needed to transform and reach your goals. 

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