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Innovate the learning experience

We transform the learning experience through technology and design, empowering people to reach their full potential.​

Your employees and customers deserve a learning experience like no other. The development of internal capabilities is pivotal to achieving and sustaining Asset Management performance and continuous improvement. We can offer you the support and expertise to create and roll out engaging and effective learning no matter your location or your industry.

Our team have decades of experience in developing purposeful and effective learning solutions for individuals and businesses in many different industries. We utilise our five step method (on left), and innovate learning by combining our passion for technology, with core andragogical methods.

Our customised and contexualised solutions are highly sought, because we work in alignment with one of our key values: What matters to you, matters to us. We adopt your communication style, brand and intent to ensure outcomes which align with your strategic objectives. 

  • Course Authoring

    We use a variety of authoring tools and systems to develop exceptional products.

  • Design and Development

    We use a variety of authoring tools and systems to develop exceptional products.

  • Learner Experience focused

    We focus on the learner's experience when designing and developing learning programs. Through the combination of the principles of andragogy, technology-enhanced learning and professional design, we deliver exceptional and unique products.

  • Learning Modes

    Are you looking for classroom training, or a blend of both classroom and online? Do you want your learning to reach as many of your employees as possible? Is your workforce mobile? We can help. Solutions for a variety of learning methods, to suit different learning preferences.

  • Gamification

    We use game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. We use techniques from behavioral science to “nudge” people into achieving their goals.

Did you know that gamification can enhance employee productivity by 43% and increase learner engagement by 60%? Gartner Research has proven that gamified learning is more engaging for learners of all ages!

We design and develop products for all industries

Although we offer a solution for the educational gap in the Asset Management workforce, our products and services are not limited to only this domain. Our core services can be applied to any topic or industry as our team are composed of professionals across graphic design, learning design and development, and vocational education and training. We achieve this diverse portfolio through working with subject matter experts ensuring high quality solutions for our clients.

Our team is comprised of experienced Asset Management, Learning and Development and Graphic Design professionals, who have worked for RTOs, in various Asset-intensive industries and are passionate about what we do.

We can also support your own LMS integration by providing e-learning content in a variety of formats i.e. SCORM.

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