Innovative e-learning for Anglo American

Anglo American PLC is a British multinational mining company, with operations across the globe. Anglo American sought to execute key Asset Management initiatives throughout 2021, which included the design, development and implementation of Asset Tactics Development Training. The training conceptualised consisted of various modules, with one module planned to be implemented as e-learning. Being the first of various modules, the course is intended to provide foundational information to employees regarding Asset Tactics development at Anglo American, in English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

This course required the development of an e-learning styling standard in alignment with the Anglo American brand identity. In addition, Anglo American envisaged a fresh, interactive and engaging course, which elevated the standard of training within the business.

Challenges surrounded the existing learner perceptions of internal courses, placing great importance on maximising the potential learner experience.

Big thanks to …the team, for understanding our needs and creating a great product in quick time!”

Grant Mitchell – Anglo American


The Asset Management Learning Academy (AMLA), utilises a five-step design and development method in conjunction with best-practice training design and development approaches. Executed remotely to the client using online project management tools and quality e-authoring and design technology by an experienced creative technical team of subject matter experts, and digital and instructional designers.

The creative team commence through the execution of an analysis of the current state and formulate a course design plan (CDP) which will best execute the vision and the associated business strategic objectives. The CDP is reviewed and endorsed by stakeholders and underpins subsequent development activities. As e-learning continues to grow in popularity within organisations, often styling standards are not set or require enhancement. Styling and consistency in brand is as important for a business brand as it is within their documentation, materials and training. Styling standards are established in accordance with business branding, and supporting templates or guidelines are produced for sustainability. Digital design activities are executed in accordance with the CDP and styling across a variety of media, such as graphics, animations, audio, video, gamification and simulation. Usability testing and improvements are made to elevate the learner experience. An important validation step is undertaken in the final stage where the product is reviewed in alignment with the vision confirming it produces the intended result/s.

Our creative technical team understand the pain points and the typical standard of training products across industries and organisations. The vision for every course is backed by the application of core andragogical methods and an advantageous approach to developing superior learning design concepts.

AMLAs diverse capability in the latest e-authoring and digital design tools and techniques, accompanied with knowledge of vocational education and training design and development enables unique, professional and contexualised deliverables.

“Creativity and imagination are the foundations from which we build”.

AMLA produced a one hour e-learning package with unique styling in line with a defined Brand Identity. The completed package included the clients technical content, high quality graphic design, interactive content, gamification features, animations and downloadable learning materials.

The finished product was rolled out to the workforce and later implemented as mandatory employee training. Additional work was carried out to translate this course into both Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

High Quality Graphics
High Quality Graphics
3D rendered Isometric interactive course map
Unique Animations

Case Study – Anglo American