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Personal Branding Audit tool

So, you’ve heard about personal branding? You might be wondering what exactly it is, and why should you focus on it? Use this Personal Brand Audit tool to evaluate what you know.


This course focuses on building foundational knowledge about branding we will help you find your niche, pass on essential knowledge, tips and teach you how to effectively use a variety of tools to help you to build, promote and maintain your own personal brand. 

You’ll walk away from this course with your own 90-day Personal Branding Action Plan, which will take you through step by step, the process of building and launching your personal brand. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain what personal branding is and why it is benefical
  • Use personal branding tools to create your own identity
  • Describe the differences between a Resume and Curriculum vitae
  • Apply branding and communication tactics to excel in an interview
  • Identify and define your niche
  • Build your own personal brand using our personal brand action plan over 13 weeks. 

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