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Terms and Conditions

Asset Management Learning Academy

Enrolment Agreement

1. By accepting these terms the participant agrees to pay the Course fees (including GST and any credit card processing fees) for the Course using the payment method selected on the enrolment form.

2. The participant accepts that he/she is required to pay the full amount of the Course fees even if he/she does not complete the Course.

3. If the participant is under 18, the parent/guardian is responsible for the payment of the Course Fees.

4. The approximate duration of the Course is stated on the course page in the course FAQs.

5. Course commencement is the date upon which we receive your course fees in full.

6. Participants are unable to advance from their course until course fees have been paid in full.

7. The participant has read the FAQs linked on each course information page.

Course Enrolment

1. Course enrolment is complete when the participant has been issued a username and password for online course access/or sent course materials via another method.

2. Course duration is effective from the date elearning access/access to materials is granted; and

3. Course commencement is effective from the date elearning access/access to materials is granted.

4. Special offer coupon codes cannot be added to an enrolment retrospectively and must be added at the time of purchase.

5. Course fees are non-transferable to other students.

6. All transactions are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Course Materials, Access and Assessment

1. Course Materials are supplied in an online environment, unless otherwise stated in the course description or content, and are available for viewing online and may not be downloaded.

2. The content of the online Course Materials, including copyright and all other such intellectual property rights contained therein, remain the property of the Asset Management Learning Academy (AMLA). You may not reproduce any part of the online Course Materials without the prior written consent of AMLA.

3. Course materials, course content and assessment are subject to change.

4. Course materials are provided online via our Learning Management System (LMS) 24/7 or via alternative means. The eLearning site may occasionally be unavailable during scheduled maintenance. In the event that our e-learning system becomes unavailable, course materials will be provided by another mode of delivery.

5. Course codes located within our e-learning system are for internal purposes only and do not appear on certificates and/or transcripts.

6. Optional printed materials are available for most courses within Australia only. Charges apply.

7. Independent research beyond the course materials may be required to complete a course, workplace projects and assessment. Coach and mentor support are available to help guide learners through this process through learning forums, online chat, and email. Individual coaching sessions can be arranged. Charges apply.

8. All assessments must be submitted following the instructions provided in the course, this is usually online.

9. e-learning access may be suspended after six (6) months of inactivity.

10. All courses and materials, unless otherwise indicated are available to the learner for Twelve (12) months’ from commencement date, with extensions available upon application (fees apply).

11. Courses have a set number of attempts for final assessments/quizzes included in the course fee. The number of attempts included can vary per course, and is outlined within the assessment/quiz instructions. Certification is only awarded to learners who have achieved the minimum requirement for a pass mark as outlined in the assessment/quiz instructions. Additional final assessment/quiz attempts will incur a fee per attempt, and can be purchased by contacting

Course Refunds

Asset Management Learning Academy complies with Australian Consumer Law regarding refunds. Please choose carefully, as we are not required to provide a refund if you change your mind about the course that you chose to enrol into. Course fees are non-refundable. No refund will be provided where the course has been accessed, learning has commenced or the course has been completed.

Course Withdrawal

1. If you are having difficulties completing your course by the enrolment expiry date, a free course extension may be available. See Course Extensions.

2. If you wish to transfer into another program, you may do so within 7 days of your commencement date free of charge. Any variation in course cost will need to be adjusted. Please see Course Transfer Policy.

Course Transfer Policy

1. Course Transfers are permitted within 14 days since course commencement.

2. Course Transfer fees apply from the 8th day of your commencement.

3. If an application for a transfer is successful, participants can transfer into a course of the fee value. If the course you are transferring into is of a lesser value, a credit voucher will be issued. If the program you are transferring into is of a higher value, the difference in value will be payable.

4. A tax invoice for the transfer fee and any outstanding balance will be issued and payable upon approval of the course transfer.

5. Participants will not be eligible for a course transfer after 14 days.

6. Only one (1) transfer is available.

7. No further discounts will apply to the course transferred into.

8. Course Transfer applications will be processed following AMLAs Course Transfer Policy.

9. Processing time for course transfers is up to 7 days once the request has been lodged to AMLA.

10. Credit vouchers/tax invoices will be issued within 48 hours if there is a difference in the value of the current and prospective course. Administration fees apply.

11. To request a transfer, please email us at

Course Voucher/Coupon Code Policy

All credit vouchers/discount coupons have the following conditions of use:

1. Not redeemable for cash.

2. Valid for one (1) use only.

3. Not valid with any other offer/gift voucher/coupon code.

4. The coupon code must be entered at the time of enrolment/course commencement; discount cannot be applied at a later date.

5. Coupons/vouchers cannot be used to order printed materials; and

6. Coupon code can only be used in the time frame specified in the special offer.

AMLA Code of Practice

AMLA has responsibilities to you as a learner to provide you with a quality of service that will assist you as much as possible in attaining your professional development certificate. We undertake to abide by all our policies and procedures. AMLA agrees to:

1. Provide a tax invoice.

2. Provide login details to access the online Course Materials (or alternative access) and mark assessments and provide feedback where applicable on submitted assessment tasks.

3. Provide reasonable support via forums, online chat and via email throughout the enrolment.

4. Issue a Certificate of Completion upon satisfactory completion of the course (if applicable). We will provide learners with the results of their assessment within 7-14 days of assessment submission/completion. Certificates (electronic) will be issued within 7 days after marking a learners’ final assessment, with optional hard copies available for purchase within Australia. International learners will receive an electronic copy of their certificate only.

Learner Obligations

Learners with AMLA are required to:

1. Ensure that all the information provided to AMLA is accurate.

2. Notify AMLA of any contact changes (email, telephone, address etc).

3. Advise AMLA of any difficulties or problems they may experience with AMLA staff, procedures or training.

4. Achieve satisfactory progress with their studies through participation and completion of assessments.

5. Learners can submit an assignment for marking up to three (3) times. If a learner fails to attain a Satisfactory/Pass grade upon the third attempt, re-enrolment into the course will be required – charges will apply; and

6. NOT submit or claim as their own, work derived from other source or work completed by another person. Learners found copying and pasting content directly from the Internet will be in breach of these terms and conditions and enrolment in the unit will be cancelled. Re-enrolment into the unit will be required – charges will apply.

7. In your interaction with administrative staff, learning consultants and support (including, but not limited to forums, emails and online chat) you agree to conduct yourself civilly and respectfully at all times. As a customer or learner of AMLA, you agree that you shall not, under any circumstances, use abusive language or harass staff. AMLA reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, what constitutes abusive language and harassment, and where that has occurred; and may, partially or completely, deny service to any infringing party.

Online Safety

Online health and safety is important to us. AMLA has and will continue to taken reasonable steps to ensure all users and employees of AMLA are protected from online abuse, bullying and other harmful activity and content, in alignment with the Australian Online Safety Act 2021.

AMLA demonstrates commitment to ensuring an online environment free from online abuse, bullying and other harmful activity and content by undertaking an assessment of safety risks and impacts, and the implementation of ongoing review. Our Online Safety Risk controls include:

  • mandating all forum users are registered users in alignment with our terms and conditions
  • moderating all forums
  • investigating, reporting and responding to any breaches of our terms and conditions
  • removing any user who breaches our terms and conditions
  • providing users an easy to access complaint form for reporting unacceptable use
Records of end-user reports and complaints will be kept by AMLA for five (5) years. 

Read the Online Safety Act 2021 Fact Sheet linked or visit for more information.